Building an online Brand in Mzansi’s Fashion Industry – Wiseman Zitha Interview

The fashion industry has always been highlighted as a glamourous world where models get to be the key movers through the industry but what is it really like? In this modern age of Social Media and models having another opportunity to showcase their ‘beauty’ and their work to followers and possible clients, I decided to have a chat with Wiseman Zitha. In this interview we speak about the importance of building an online brand and the South African Fashion Industry.

  1. If you had to explain to a granny who doesn’t know who Wiseman Zitha ia or what you do, what would you say?

My name is Wiseman Zitha. I’m an artist, model, I dress hair, actor, influencer and I do a lil bit of vlogging . So all in all, I’m just an artistic person.

  1. They say that if your able to model in one country, you should have no problem being a model anywhere around the world, is this true?

That’s not entirely true . Every country has its own market when it comes to the modelling industry. What I’m trying to say is you can, yes, get an agent or an agency but u might possibly struggle to book jobs. For example: let’s say that I decide to go to China to model. This is a place where if u check most of their agencies, that’s side, you can barely find an African model on their boards. Meaning they get briefs mostly for Caucasians and Chines models.

  1. What’s the most embarrassing moment you have had in your modelling career?

Well, when I started out with my modelling career, my agent called and asked if I didn’t mind to do a nude shoot and because I was starting out, I wanted to do literally everything so I agreed. When I got there, I found that I was doing an artistic very nude shoot 🤣 with a girl, and we had to be naked in front of 6 people,  (the photographer, his assistants, make-up artist and another model who was waiting to do her beauty shots) and everyone was just glued on us. Well that was then, now I’m kinda used to it, I no longer get embarrassed.

  1. How important is it to build an online brand in the fashion industry and what’s the best way to do it?

It’s very important, mostly Instagram, because it gets you exposed all over the world and most agencies, designers and photographers are always on the lookout for interesting faces and characters to collaborate with so you’ll never know who will bump into your account. Make sure your account is clean and represent who you truly are, don’t try to be someone else because people are interested in the real you and that’s what makes you more interesting. Just try to create good content and I know that’s not easy but do research on how to make good content.

  1. What’s the strangest DM you have ever gotten?

Well people sending me pictures of their private parts. Imagine!

  1. If someone doesn’t have the height, ‘perfect’ body, pretty face BUT still wants to be a model, would becoming a model be possible?

Yes, literally everyone is a model these days. It just depends on what kind of modelling. You can be a commercial model, parts model (hands , feet and etc.), fitness model, swimsuit model, child model, plus size and all … but only few are and can be high fashion models, meaning we basically do everything from runway, commercial, editorial and all of that.

  1. How does one keep their Insta-Game on point?

Research and more research. Always look out for inspiration and be you . Try to create content that you would like to see on Instagram and be consistent. I know it’s very hard because we always busy but try and don’t just post because nje! Make sure it’s something wow! lol

  1. Have you experienced any negativity brought on by Social Media?

Yes, people are mean and boring out there. I just wish they can be more creative with their hate but, yeah, it happens all the time and that’s when I realised that some people are following you not really because they like you but because they wanna see what you doing.

  1. Is the Modeling industry really as glamourous as we think or is it about Dieting, gyming and loads of castings?

Lord NEVER! It takes a lot of hard work, working on yourself and you should have heart. I mean, we get a lot of NO’s in our face than YES’s. Mostly we out here going for castings to castings, where they are looking for 1 guy and there will be 100 of us. So mostly out of the 10 castings that you’ll attend, you probably book just 2 jobs or sometimes none. It’s not really glamorous, we really work hard on ourselves and it gets much better in time because you get to know many designers / clients and the industry, sort of, welcomes you bit by bit.

  1. Has anyone slide into your DM and has had success?

Yes hahahahahah … yes, a few people though 🏾‍♂️


  1. Bonus Question: What is next for you?

I am now going for TV and Radio so I’m cooking something, be on the lookout!


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