Top 5 Joburg Coffee Shops to be Creative in.

As time passes, it’s becoming even more popular from South Africans and Joburgers use coffee shops / cafés for work. For the creative type, however, some coffee shops in Johannesburg just do not get the creative juices flowing. That is why we have put a list together of the best Top 5 Joburg Coffee Shops / Cafés to be Creative in that will help your creativity blossom. I also add some honorable mentions at the end.


  1. Cafê De La Créme – Melville

This beautiful corn café and bakery not only makes good baked goods but is situated in the heart of Melville on 7th Avenue. This shop pumps actors, artists and all those in-between through its doors. In a strange way, this spot feels like home.


  1. Nice on 4th – Parkhurst

Situated at the end of the busy 4th Street in Parkhurst, this Café is bustling but is a great getaway from the business of Parkhurst in the best way possible. Sitting on the street allows your artistic-self bleed out into the surroundings and happenings of the area. Their cheese cake is one of the best in JHB as well as their Balsamic Beef panini. SIDE NOTE: It is pronounced ‘nis’ as in the French town and not ‘naas’ as in the South African ‘a cup of tea is nice’! It took me 5 years to realise this.


  1. Starbucks – Rosebank

I know what you are thinking and before you click off of this article, hear me out. Out of all Coffee Cafés in this list, I have never felt more creatively stimulated in any other Coffee shop than I have been at Starbuck Rosebank. Rosebank is fast becoming the new Braamfontein and a new creative mecca for Jozi youth. Starbucks Rosebank has successfully managed to be the centre point of these creatives. There are always people working in the shop in a very community way. You may bump into a few people you see, which in my case only helped my creative juices but may not be something you looking for if you just want to be left alone. Free wifi, always a spot to work (depending on how busy it gets and sometimes it gets too busy) and always other creative souls to draw inspiration from. If you haven’t handed out your business card to someone who has overheard your conversation at Starbuck Rosebank then you are not utilising the space correctly.


  1. Post or Doubleshot Coffee – Braamfontein

I group these to establishments together, not only because they are both in Braamfontein and a block away from one another but, because they are very similar. With big glass walls/windows, one is able to sit, work and take in the energy of Braamfontein streets. Braam isn’t the same as it used to be 4 years ago but still fantastic places to go if you are in the area.


  1. Bolton Road Collection – Rosebank

Now, this may not be a coffee shop necessarily but it’s situation and food qualify it for a creative spot in my books. A fairly quite beautifully design spot to sit and work as well as take in the buzz of the major intersection of Jan Smuts and Glenhove. The food is truly incredible.


  1. BONUS: Breezblock – Brixton

This fairly unknown Café / Restaurant is in an area that most Joburgers have not been in years and don’t worry the area is safe and your car is well guarded. This beautiful modern vintage inspired shop will make your heart smile. You honestly have to visit this spot on a Saturday, even if you not wanting your right brain to be inspired, it’s a Johannesburg hidden gem.


Joburg Coffee Shops Special Mentions:


  • Salvation Café – 44 Stanley

Great place, mainly because 44 Stanley is a great creative spot. Many other restaurants and Cafés to choose from in 44 Stanley precinct.


  • The Whippet in Linden – Linden

Again, another lovely place because of situation. If you not feeling it, hope across the road to the next joint. Many lovely, inspiring places in this area.

  • Father Coffee – Rosebank and Braamfontein

The reason why this famous Coffee Shop did not make the Top 5 is because it’s to mainstream and forever busy. It’s impossible to find a working spot at any of the two branches because there are very limited tables available.


  • Motherland – All over JHB

Another famous brand I did not mention in the Top 5 for the same reason. They are great but, in my personal opinion, do not inspire anyone and is always busy. It might work for you so go for it.

  • Cramers Coffee – Johannesburg CBD

For the brave souls that want to travel into the CBD or for those who live and work in this area, this is a quaint place. Would say it stimulates either but I enjoy sitting here watching the city people walking across the shopfront window.


  • Bean There Coffee Company

This is a famous Coffee Company that has franchised so felt compelled to put it into the list. Haven’t been to any of them in JHB but enjoyed the Cape Town branch.


Thumbnail by Michael Cost.

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