Top 4 Naked Ex-President Zuma Artworks [PG]

Over the years, a few artists have dared to paint South Africa’s Former No.1’s Number 1. Former President Jacob Zuma has always been a topical person in the South African household, from the Shower washes AIDS away to the more recent inability to read numbers. It is no wonder artists have included him in their creations.

These controversial art pieces have been filtered through to find the ‘best’ nudes of our president. Cartoon sketches, puppet videos and extremely graphic photoshop pictures have been excluded in this article.

We know what you are thinking. ‘Finally, this is exactly what I have always wanted!’


  1. Spear Down My Throat by Ayanda Mabulu

Although this artwork did not have a huge mark on South African History, it is definitely extremely graphic. The message behind it is very powerful (It shows how the government has always exploited South Africans), but we are left asking ourselves, has the message been lost due to the use of our President?

Top 4 Naked Ex-President Zuma Artworks [PG]

  1. The Swordsman of the Nation by Unknown

This anonyms statue placed on Lion’s head, Cape Town, in 2015 made a huge uproar of hatred comments and jokes on Social Media. It was quickly destroyed rumoured by the person who tweeted about it.  The statue had written on it, “If a criminal like this can get a statue, so can I – JZ.” What it really meant, we will probably never know. A chubby ‘minny-me’ Zuma holding a pink dildo is definitely not something we ever thought we would have seen.

Pictures by @makheswa

Top 4 Naked Ex-President Zuma Artworks [PG]

  1. Umshini Wam (Weapon of Mass Destruction) by Ayanda Mabulu

Yet another Ayanda Mabulu artwork of our JZ naked, SHOCKER! We think it is clear to say that Ayanda likes three things, Jacob Zuma, SA Politicians / Figures and Penises.  But we can say this; at least Ayanda constantly gives JZ a great sized Spear.  No man wouldn’t complain about that!

Top 4 Naked Ex-President Zuma Artworks [PG]

  1. The Spear by Brett Murray

Of course you guessed that this would be Number 1 of our No.1’s Number 1. The Spear painting made national news when it was exhibited in Johannesburg.  This artwork started many debates on Social Media, Court Case threats from the government and even a march to the Art Gallery it was been exhibited in. The painting landed up being defaced by two civilians, however,  was still sold for over R136 000.

Top 4 Naked Ex-President Zuma Artworks [PG]

I think it is clear to say that Zuma will always be known for his controversial ways. Let us hope, for our peace of mind, that artists have gotten JZ’s privates out of their system and that this movement has come to an end.


All we have to say is, Dear future Presidents, be ready, South Africans have no chill.

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