18 Hilarious Photos of South Africans Trying to Sell Mirrors Online

Recently, photos of people selling mirrors online went viral. The ridiculous pictures taken and posted on website’s in the attempt of selling their mirrors are just too funny. I decided to go through thousands of pictures on Olx, Bid or Buy, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace to find 18 hilarious photos of South Africans trying to sell mirrors online. These photos are all publicly posted images so yes, these people actually posted these photos for the world to see.

Here are the South Africans trying to sell mirrors online:

  • I’m a professional Mirror photographer and make-up artist!

mirror 1

  • The Floating Hand Mirror picture takers, most of the mirror pics online look like this.

mirror 2

  • AWEH ma se kind! Side Note: Can we spot wearing socks with flops?

mirror 3


mirror 3

  • Selling more than just a Mirror … any takers?

South Africans trying to sell mirrors online mirror 4

  • Question, why is their shampoo in the kitchen?

mirror 5

  • Team work, makes the dream work!

mirror 6

  • Where’s Oupa?

mirror 7

  • SO MANY QUESTIONS… Are those DVD’s on the shelves? Why does the guy have to pose for the photo? Are those VHS players?

South Africans trying to sell mirrors online mirror 8

  1. Time for a Family photoshoot

mirror 9

  1. These toes scare me

mirror 10

  1. Chucky, is that you?

mirro 11

  1. SIMBA, is that you?

mirror 12

  • Not sure, if those are fingers or toes?

mirror 13

  1. But first, let’s take a selfie!

mirror 14

  1. This is me, take it or leave it … but please buy my mirror!

mirror 14

  1. Entrepreneurs for the win!

mirror 15

  1. I think Coke gave him that umkaba

South Africans trying to sell mirrors online

There you have it. South Africans trying to sell mirrors online is as funny as all the other photos that have been circulating the web recently. I didn’t know what I would find once I went down this rabbit whole of mirror pictures but I am so happy with the results and regret nothing. Some of these pictures, I can’t even deal with. What were these people thinking when they posted these photos online?

Tell me in the comment section below, which photos where your favourite?

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