2020 Prediction for Men’s Fashion in South Africa


Last year I wrote a blog about my predictions for Men’s Fashion for 2019 and I recently published a blog to see if those predictions came true. With a 50/60% strike rate, it’s time for 2020 Prediction for Men’s Fashion in South Africa that I feel we can be expecting at the beginning of this century. Here are 8 forecasts:

  1. Bucket Hats


If you haven’t seen it already, bucket hats are coming back. Yes, they have been around and yes, 2019 saw a bucket hat trend but I’m talking about African Print Bucket Hats. These African prints and Ndebele print hats are everywhere but not in stores. They can be bought at the robot (traffic light). These hats are brought to you by those guys who usually sell phone chargers or sunglasses and their hats are selling like FIRE. If you haven’t seen someone sporting this hat, from now on you going to see it everywhere.

  1. Industrial Fashion/ Sportwear

Now this trend doesn’t really have a name per say. It’s construction worker meets sport athleisure wear. It’s Bob the Builder meets Bondage meets Street Fashion. I believe that Bondage fashion and Construction/ Builder wear gave birth to this trend. It’s clothing items with straps, buckles, bright colours, stripes, polyester and a whole lot of pockets. Like a shit ton of pockets. We have already seen Nadia Nakai bring out a range in this style and more recently Ivy Park x Adidas with Beyonce’s range. Cut up your old school bag and sew the straps and buckles onto your pants.

  1. Tie-Dye and Bleaching

Something that was so 2013 is back and I’m not sold on it yet. This trend has already hit the stores and can be found in Mr Price. I used to take my old colour-faded clothes, tie-dye bleach them and wear them as brand-new outfits. You can do that if you not wanting to buy new clothes.



  1. Co-Ord

Matching shirt and pants is in, again. Many daring people were doing this last year but now co-ord fashion can be found at H&M, Markham, and our beloved Mr Price. Not much to say about this trend other than it’s here!



  1. Accessories

Last year was footwear, so now that you have enough shoes, it’s time to invest in accessories. I’m talking about Watches, Bags, Wallets, Sunglasses, and Bracelets. Markham always has a great selection of these accessories especially now that they have partnered with Sterns. Old Khaki has beautiful bags and watches. American Swiss has the most amazing Tempo Watches, trust me they are a WOW. Sunglass Hut always has incredible shades. Even Tread + Miller has amazing accessories, wallets, bags, and watches.


  1. Tailoring

There is a movement towards how clothes sit on your body. Tailoring your clothes to get the best fit is going to be a massive movement in SA this year. Markham and Fabiani even have tailoring stations at certain stores. From sleeve length to trouser length to adjusting the crotch, they offer it. Time to start thinking about it.

  1. Prints

Loud, colourful and high graphic prints are everywhere and are here to stay. As men become more adventurous with their fashion choices, we can see more and more men buying prints. I’m all for this BUT be warned, make sure to try the print on and see if it suits you. There is nothing worse than a print that doesn’t suit you or looks terrible on your body.


  1. High Waisted Trousers

I don’t know when this will happen but it will happen so hop on this train and be a trendsetter. I blame Harry Styles for this new trend but I’m so ready to get my hands on High waisted pants and feel like a modern Beetle.


Bonus Trend: Non-Binary

I did think that unisex clothing would have been big last year but it never really hit the ZA shores, with that being said, I do believe that it might just happen this year. Not drastically but perhaps hints of non-binary will occur with South African Men’s style choices.


From me to you, keep these 2020 Prediction for Men’s Fashion in South Africa in mind when you go shopping next. If you decided to hop onto one of these trends then snap a pic, post it as a story on Insta and Tag me (@Michael_Cost).

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