2019 Men’s Fashion Trend Predictions in South Africa

As a person who is in the Fashion industry and has always been forward thinking with my fashion choices, I wanted to put together my 10 2019 Men’s Fashion Trend Predictions / Forecasts that we can be expecting Men in South Africa to be adopting. I may be way off with my predictions but after studying current Fashion Trends in Mzansi and seeing the clothes that are currently selling at retail stores, I think I might be spot on with most of these.


  1. Bondage Fashion

Heavy duty straps and plastic Bag Clips have already been popping up into retail stores but the next step will be bondage fashion. This is a fashion trend you can see across the global but has not yet hit SA, mainly because no retail stores are selling such items yet. Bondage Fashion will be de-sexified bondage straps as  key accessories in a Man’s outfit. This might be for the individuals who don’t mind pushing the boundaries but as soon as the trend kicks off, more and more guys will be sporting Bondage.

  1. Specific Graphic Tees

Before you say ‘Graphic Tees are not a new trend’, Graphic Tees have been around for ever but the trend for 2019 will be T-shirts that have Cartoons, Novelties, Famous Logos, Show and Artist Merchandise printed on them. We can already see this happening with shops like Cotton On selling Tees with Famous 80s TV Shows, Movies and Artists on them. My 2019 forecast is that this is going to become even bigger and popular.

  1. Bright Colours

I saw this trend spark in Winter 2018 and slightly in Spring 2018 but woza 2019 and we will see this trend grow. What I mean by Bright Colours is that we going to see people wear clothing items that are just one bright colour only. A Focus on Red, Blue, and Yellow will occur. Expect people in the streets of Mzansi to wear head-to-toe outfits that are all one bright colour. Factorie Stores are leading the way in this trend already.

  1. Man Bags

I detested the Man Bag 5 years ago when the trend overseas started until I found myself sporting one. The fanny pack is back to stay. This body bag is becoming more popular with Men, especially because big retail brands and fashion houses are no designing beautiful body bags that most Men want. It makes sense though, we only need something small to carry, our phones, wallets, and car keys. Expect to see more Man Bags in different sizes and shapes to come.

  1. Africa Print

Thanks to Black Panther in 2018, best believe that 2019 will bring more African Print than ever before. You can find great African Print Men’s wear at shops like The Space and YDE. As someone who has been wearing African Print before its resurgence and popularity in 2018, I see more designers in SA are going to move towards it in the new year.

  1. Unisex

As we become more progressive as a Nation and our understanding of Gender, Gender Fluidity and Non-Binary becomes better, we will see that affecting our fashion choices. I see ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ dressing more non-binary. Men will start wearing clothes that are seen as more traditionally ‘feminine’. Male Dresses and kilts are coming.

  1. Grooming and Make-Up

Now these aren’t physical Fashion items but they are the cherries on top of the outfits. I see a massive surge in Male Grooming coming, shops like Sorbet Man will make sure of this. Beards and Fades will be freshly cut.

Secondly, Male Make-Up / Facial Accessories will start popping up. What do I mean by this? More make-up brands are making lines for men. Now your heterosexual man reading this is probably saying, ‘ag sis’, but hear me out. I see these products becoming more popular as they will be extremely different than women’s make-up. Matt see-through make-up is what I’m thinking off. I also seeing joes adding accessories to their face such as stickers and eye liner patterns.

Not talking about piercings, more about removable 80s / Korean inspired Make-Up trends.

  1. Skhothane

The rise of Skhotane is coming back. This South African sub-culture is going to become popular and more distributed. In other words, you don’t have to be a skhothane to be able to dress like one, just don’t go burning money and wasting ultrimel. Linea Italiana or Naf Naf in Carlton Centre, JHB CBD, have great stock. I see more urban fashion street style retail stores stocking skhotane clothing.

  1. SHOES

Shoes and Sneakers are going to become even more IMPORTANT than ever before. Now shoes are expensive, I mean you could buy a whole outfit with the same amount of money. Sadly, for those like I (akanamali), it’s time to start saving up and putting focus on your transport. I’m not just talking about the latest Sneakers but all types of footwear.

I blame Sneaker Lab for this soon arriving uptake. I blame them, because they going to make me broke. Keep your shoes clean with their products because in 2019, everyone is going to look at your feet.

  1. Abstract Fashion

I see a new focus on local designers happening. Clothes that are unusual, abstracted and different will be the new fad. Traditional clothing items like formal wear, will be abstracted and become deconstructed high-fashion pieces. The unusual and daring are going to beat you at this game.


There you have it. Possible Men’s Wear Fashion Trends we can most likely expect happening in the new year. Do you agree with this list? Leave a comment or let us know which probable trends I have left out.


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