2019 Men’s Fashion Predictions, Did they come True?

Last year I put together 10 Men’s Fashion Forecasts for 2019 that I believed that Men in South Africa would adopt. I enjoyed putting that list together so much but now it’s time to look back and see if they came true. Were they truly adopted? Was I right?


  1. Bondage Fashion. YES

Bondage fashion definitely came through in 2019 fashion trends. Perhaps not as aggressive as I expected or had hoped for but it was there. I think bondage fashion was trumped slightly by industrial fashion looks with all its pockets and straps. If Michael B Jordan can sport a bib harness in 2019, then so can you. See this article as well. Perhaps this trend was adopted more by SA women.

  1. Specific Graphic Tees. DEFINITELY

Graphic Tees are still so popular even going into 2020. I do blame CottonOn for this trend that I am so here for. Surprisingly, I have not really seen many other clothing retail brands jumping onto this trend, however, 2019 saw a massive rise in highly graphic colourful shirts. Mr Price and Markham were selling out with all their loud graphic button-up shirts last year.

  1. Bright Colours. PERHAPS

I’m not convinced that this trend was truly adopted. I do see men sporting more colourful fashion choices but I’m unsure if this predication was 100% true. Yes, we do see more graphic and colourful items in stores and on men but I was expecting a little bit more bold.

  1. Man Bags. HELL YES.

As I expected, you can find a fanny pack in any size and colour these days. They are in and are here to stay for 2020. This is partly due to the above mentioned industrial trend that meets the urban street vibe but I also believe that men are finally starting to leave their fragile masculinity at home and sport a bag on their side.


  1. Africa Print. YES AND NO

I do believe that more men and women were wearing more African Print clothing in 2019 but I thought it would be more widely distributed and daring. I think this predication was mainly given life thanks to Rich Factory and Trevor Stuurman. However, look out for my 2020 predictions because I have a trend that is about to blow up with regards to African Print.

  1. Unisex. NOT LOCALLY

Overseas, definitely. Locally, not so much. I’m still not sure if this trend is going to hit SA but overseas, non-conforming clothing is hitting the bodies of males all over.


  1. Grooming and Make-Up. HMMM

Grooming was definitely something that SA men have taken up over the past year and more and more men will soon follow. This is also due to the rise of Barbershops. We not only have Sorbet Man but also Rockets Man and Legends Barber When it comes to Make-up and Facial Accessories, I don’t believe SA men are there yet (sadly). Again, if we look overseas, we can see plenty of Men experimenting with this.


  1. Skhothane SO WRONG

I really did foresee a strong Skhothane trend hitting Mzansi but this did not happen and I’m happy it didn’t. Looking back, this would have been terrible.


  1. Shoes OF COURSE

Shoe stores have popped open all over South Africa and the importance of your transport was definitely a top trend. I, myself, even partook in this trend by buy a whole new collection of shoes. This trend wasn’t just about sneakers but the entire range of footwear.

  1. Abstract Fashion UMMM

Of course this type of fashion is all about your local designers and not necessarily about what is accessible to your everyday man. We saw Rich Mnisi and Thebe Magugu bring abstracted looks but mainly in their women’s collection. I think this trend might happen with your Social Media personalities, celebrities and high fashion personal, basically people who might have access to abstract designers or have the pockets to buy such.


There it is. Some trend predictions were spot on and others were not. I think the start of the new decade will bring exciting new things for men in SA but only time will tell. What did you think was a trend in 2019?

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