10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day with the Family

Valentine Season is coming up so together with Cadbury Dairy Milk, we decided to bring you 10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day with the Family and to #ShareYourHeart this February. You might have a Big Greek Family (like me) but no matter how big your family is, if they are genetically related or they are people you choose to be your family, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Picnic

Now this might seem like an obvious one BUT when last did you actually go on a picnic? Something that seems so obvious yet something we have moved away from. There are many botanical gardens around Mzansi that are perfect for a family day out with some snacks and chokkies. My favourites are the Emmerentia Gardens in Jozi and Kirstenbosch Gardens or Company Gardens in Cape Town. Pack a basket, take a blanket and pray for no rain.

  1. Charity Drive

There are many people who don’t have someone to share their love with on Valentine’s Day. Why not take the family out to do some good deeds or use the gifts that you were going to give to your family and give them to those who would appreciate it even more? Buy a bunch of roses and take it to your local old age home. Go to a children’s hospital near you and give out some Cadbury Valentine’s Day chocolates, only if their doctors allow them to eat sweets. OR, even better, use the money to buy them things they really need to get through February. #ShareYourHeart and see the joy on other’s faces.


  1. Fruit Picking

Yes, you can go fruit picking outside of Cape Town. Strawberries and Cherries are a top favourite in the Western Cape but why not find a local fruit orchard in your city/ province and take the family with. Here is a great list for places in Joburg and some places in Durban.


  1. Family Tree

Get the entire family together this season of love and put together your Family Tree. You will be surprised at all the stories, family gossip and almost forgotten moments that come up when putting together your families heritage down on paper. Click here to find a website that will allow you to put your family tree online and you will then be able to share it with one another. What’s great about putting it online is that you can also add photos of each person. Pull out those family pictures and start building that tree.


  1. Family Tree Tree

I know we spoke about building a family lineage tree but what about getting green and planting an actual tree/s. You could plant a new tree a year, it will become the love trees of the family. After a few years, you could have a love forest in your back garden. Alternatively, plant a spekboom for each member of your family. Spekbooms are very good for the environment and have loads of benefits and uses.


  1. Secret Valentine

You have all heard of Secret Santa, right? You put everyone’s name on separate pieces of paper, you put them in a hat and each person then randomly picks a name. With the name you get, you secretively buy them a gift for Christmas. Let’s do that for Valentine’s Day, perhaps even add a spending limit. This will be a great cost saver especially after Januworry.


  1. Brainstorm on Load Shedding Alternatives

Create Load Shedding back-up plans since it has re-entered our lives and might be here to stay. Why not get together to plan for the year ahead and come up with ideas to combat those lonely hours of no electricity. Alternatively, switch off your electricity and have a candle lit dinner and board games night. If those don’t tickle your fancy, then why not go to a candle making workshop as a family and make some lovely Valentine’s Day candles that you can use when there is Load Shedding.


  1. Binge Weekend

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a FriYay, we have the whole weekend to spend with the family. It makes it the best time to become a family of sloths, who don’t get out of their PJs and eats popcorn and Pizza all day while watching Netflix.


Here are some great Netflix suggestions.

  • Lost In Space (7+)
  • Greenhouse Academy (7+)
  • The Toys That Made Us (13+)
  • The Movies That Made Us (13+)
  • Anne With An E (13+)
  • Schitts Creek (13+)
  • Rotten (16+)
  • The Crown (16+)
  • Sex Education (16+)

  1. Don’t play 30 seconds or Monopoly

This tip is more of a warning. When it comes to board games, I felt it necessary to urge against 30 seconds and Monopoly as a family choice. The reason for this is that these games are known to destroy families and tear apart friendships. If you know your family is too competitive then stay away.


  1. Chocolate OF COURSE

What is a Valentine’s Day without out Chocolate? It’s just an ordinary day where you feel judged for your over indulgence with chocolate. SEIZE THE MOMENT PEOPLE. Get yourself Cadbury Dairy Milk’s new limited-edition chocolate and share it with someone you love. Pop that heart out, share it with your loved ones and eat the rest of the bar by yourself … that’s what I would do. The Valentine’s slab is available in Original and Dream, in major retailers now.


I hope this list of 10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day with the Family helps you find the perfect thing to do in order to show your family some love this February. I have an amazing competition coming up with Cadbury, make sure you keep an eye out on my website for details on how to win.


Blog paid for by Cadbury Dairy Milk.

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