10 Self-Love Tips for Valentine’s Day

As you probably have seen, I have partnered up with Cadbury Dairy Milk this Season of Love and I have shared how to #ShareYourHeart with your Family this Valentine’s Day but also how to make your Vday sweeter with our competition. Now it is time to talk about how to #ShareYourHeart with yourself because self-love is equally as important so here are 10 Self-Love Tips for Valentine’s Day.

10 ways to boost your personal assurance:


  1. Buy yourself something

Time to go SHOPPING! (said in a classic *White Chicks* way). By not spending money on a Valentine, you now have that budget to allocate to yourself! Buy those new pair of jeans, those expensive shoes or that gorgeous watch you have been dying for. Nothing makes me feel better than buying something for myself that I’ve secretly been hoping to get for my Birthday or Christmas. While you are out shopping, buy Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Bars that have a pop-out heart that you can share with … you guessed it … yourself.

cadbury #shareyourheart

  1. Solo Date

Be Han and go Solo this Vday (#StarWars Dad joke). If you feel uncomfortable being alone then force yourself to be alone. If you do not love yourself, how can you expect to be loved by someone else? It’s important to be alone in all stages of your life for a few hours and be content with who you are or at least try to learn how to be alone. I used to go on solo dates so often but if that’s something you not sure how to do then pick up a new hobbie that only you do or you’re in a class full of strangers. Learn who you are and love thyself.


  1. Treat Yo Self with Sorbet

Pamper days are a must for all genders. Get that beard shaved, those legs waxed, those nails did and that long-overdue haircut. Looking good makes you feel good. Thankfully the Sorbet group has all of these offerings including massages.  Now if you can’t get an appointment or just don’t feel like not looking good, then there is always the other type of Sorbet. Sorbet the ice-cream can be found at Pauls Home-made Ice-Cream in Joburg, Unframed Ice-Cream in Cape Town (Amazing Vegan ice-cream) and the Italian Corner in Durban (Best Sorbet I’ve ever had).

  1. Single Friends Night

You will be surprised by how many single friends you have, so time to get together and not be lonely because you don’t need no wo/man to feel loved. Have a ChomiTines Day instead. Go out for dinner because when you are adulating, you find yourself spending less time with your friends and this will be the perfect opportunity to have a much needed catch up.

  1. Clean your Damn Room

Now this applies to your bedroom, your apartment, your office desk and your house. We usually put Marie Kondo’s advice in a storage unit in the back of our mind and tell ourselves that we will do it later. Spend the Vday weekend cleaning up your space. When you have a cleaner living/ working space, you feel a whole lot better and mentally healthier. Getting rid of physical clutter helps get rid of mental clutter as well. No, it’s not a fun activity to do on the day of love but it has to get done sometime.


  1. Social Media Diet

As a Content Creator, I think I would DIE if I did this but maybe we all need to do this. Take all your Social Media Apps in a folder on your phone and make it difficult to get to them. What I mean by this is put it on the 5th Home screen page / app page with 5 other random apps. We don’t want to be seeing how special everyone else’s Valentine’s celebrations are going or be force fed Insta-couples undying love.

To avoid these unsolicited emotions from others, take a break from your feeds. This will definitely help with you mental health but do not go scrolling down your feed to catch up on what you missed come Monday. What you have missed is what you were trying to miss and it was not a part of your life and never has to be, we moving forward.


  1. Read that Book

You know that book, the one you bought or were given, that you have been meaning to read ever since. That book that is sitting on your side table or shelf as a lovely dust collector. Pick it up and read it over the Vday weekend. Challenge yourself to read the whole thing before the music of Carte Blanche starts to play on Sunday. Forcing yourself will feel uncomfortable at first but once you get into it, you will wonder why you’ve been putting it off for so long. A great SA read is Coconut Kelz’s Guide to Surviving this Sh*thole.


  1. Video Games

Well others play ‘different’ types of games over the weekend of affection, become a couch potato and game until you fingers hurt. Some of you might do this already on a weekly basis but for those who maybe don’t find the time to game, now is the time. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade can become your weapons of choice.


  1. Time for a Bath

Buy some candles (you can use them for Load Shedding as well), switch off the lights (Eskom might do this for you), put some hot water in your bath and soak away that self-loathing. Add some Epsom Salts to your bath, you can get them from my Homeopath who sells it cheaper than stores, or add some Badedas from Dischem. If those don’t work for you, we love ourselves a Bath bomb from Lush South Africa.


  1. Saved Tab

Alright, I know we are all guilty of saving things on Social Media and never going back to see them and there can be a guilt monster sitting on your shoulders. Why not use this time of self and catch up on all those saved articles, videos and images. I’m talking about the Saved tab on Facebook, the Saved Boards of Instagram, the Saved posts and articles on LinkedIn and that dreaded Watch Later playlist on YouTube.


There you have it, Self-Love Tips for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you enter into the competition as well by reading this blog which has all the comp details.

This Blog is Paid for by Cadbury Dairy Milk.

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